AS2 and AS3.


Tweener.resumeTweens(target:Object, [, property1:String, property2:String, ...]):Boolean;


target:Object —The object with tweenings that you want to resume. Usually, a MovieClip, TextField, or some instance of any other class which has numeric properties. This parameter is required.

property1..propertyN:String — The name of the property or properties that have paused tweenings that you want to resume. This is a string containing the name of the property, and any number of strings can be specified as parameters. If no property name is specified, all paused tweenings for this specific target target are resumed.


Resumes specific tweenings of specific objects that have been paused with pauseTweens. All currently existing tweenings that match the target (or target and specified properties, if any) are resumed, including tweenings currently delayed. Tweenings that are already playing are not affected.


Boolean — true if any property tweening was successfully resumed, false if otherwise.


// Resumes all tweenings of a certain object
// Resume the _x tweening of a certain object
Tweener.resumeTweens(myMC, "_x");
// Resume the _x, _y and _alpha tweening of a certain object
Tweener.resumeTweens(myMC, "_x", "_y", "_alpha");

See also

addTween, pauseTweens, resumeAllTweens