AS2 and AS3.


... useFrames:value, ...


value:Boolean — Whether the engine should use the a frame counter or a time counter for a given tweening. If set to true, the frame count is used as the basis, resulting in a tweening controlled by the number of frames rendered rather than by the time expressed. On this case, the time parameter refers to the number of frames the tweening will use, rather than the time in seconds. The default is false.

Please note that false (or simply omitting this parameter) is, definitely, the recommended setting, as relying on time-based animation with frame-based updates (as Tweener does by default) is the most accurate way of dealing with interface animation.

Do not use this parameter as true unless you're absolutely sure of what you are trying to do.


// Slides a MovieClip to _x = 100, taking 60 frames to do so (AS2)
Tweener.addTween(myMovieClip, {_x:100, time:60, useFrames:true}); 

See also

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