AS2 and AS3.


... waitFrames:value, ...


value:Boolean — Whether the engine should wait at least one frame before executing a new onUpdate function for an addCaller tweening or not. If set to true, no successive onUpdate calls are made on a single frame, even if required by the easing equation calculation. This is useful on updates that rely on some kind of visual modification, like inverting the visibility of an object - this way, objects won't flick out of sync just because the updates are being done sequentially on hidden frames. One side effect of this is that addCaller calls might take more time to finish than expressed on their parameters. The default is false.


// Calls myFunction 10 times in 1 second
Tweener.addCaller(myMovieClip, {onUpdate:myFunction, count:10, time:1});
// Calls myFunction 2 times in 20 seconds, going faster and faster
Tweener.addCaller(myMovieClip, {onUpdate:myFunction, count:2, time:20, transition:"easeInExpo"});

See also

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