This class creates special modifier properties, used to control how other properties are tweened. These modifers apply to any property of any class.

Right now, only one special property is available. In the future, however, other value modifiers will be added to this class.


First, import then initialize the class.


Then, you can use any of the modifiers listed below on a normal tweening. See the introduction to special properties for more information.

Property name (AS2/AS3) Description Target type Type Usual values Related reference
_bezier Creates bezier control points that will produce a curved tweening, and instead of going from the original value straight to the target value, the tweening will deviate towards the control point, as in a normal bezier curve. The effect on a x/y tweening is that of a curve path instead of a straight one. Any Object or Array of objects An object (or list of objects) containing properties related to properties that are already being used on normal tweening. The new property values will be the bezier control points. Blog post: The search for the perfect bezier tweening syntax